Finding it hard to hire specialists?

Spending too much money on recruiters?

Too much time spent screening?

Get started with our streamlined
technical-based solution that is both cost and time efficient

We use
engineers to take the guesswork
out of hiring.

When you use a traditional recruiter there’s always an element of uncertainty in the accuracy of the candidates you received. We’ve solved that problem.

We use industry expert engineers with experience of hiring and building teams, to technically screen the highest level of specialists.

This means we can make sure that every specialist you get from us is of the highest quality and can do the job just as you need it.

Gain exclusive access to the best network of specialists in the world

in areas such as Government and Public Sector,
Finance, and the Private sector.

1000+ Tier 1 Level

Senior, Lead and Principal

Technical Screening

Our team of principle level engineers have helped us to technically screen the specialists, who are now part of our exclusive network

10-30 years experience

Only the most experienced specialists make their way into our network

IR35 - Inside/Outside

Our solution applies for Inside IR35, and Outside IR35 (Statement of Work)

Experts in building high
performing development teams.

Not only do we find you the right specialist, we also hand craft full cross functional delivery teams, for your projects.

Try the Dragoonis solution.

With our solution, time to source, screen, and hire are notably reduced. Here’s how we compare:

Agencies & Consultancies
Time to Hire 24 - 48 hours
Up to 1 week
Talent Quality Top 10%
Talent Fee 20%
20% and above
Pre-screened Specialists
Role-based Technical Screening
Average Profiles Sent 1-2